April 19, 2012

William Tillyer

Paul Jenkins – Phenomena Oracle Fan

Silvio Wolf

The Armory Show, as usual, was divided into Modern and Contemporary sections. The booths seemed larger but the show smaller than in prior years. Walking through the show, I was disappointed overall yet, writing this, there were a surprising number of revelatory pieces. Must have been the crowds. (Never, ever go on Saturday – can’t the people withd those double-width fighting strollers find babysitters?) Without conforming to the show’s structure, these are the standouts (note – these images may not be the pieces in the booths; photos were unabavailable):

D. Wigmore Fine Art

Paul Jenkins – Jenkins’ fluid abstracts were the standouts of the show. How I wish I had the wall space and the wallet. His work is lyrical, rhapsodic and powerful. How I missed this master of abstraction is absoutely beyond me.

Bruce Silverstein:

Silvio Wolf – his Mirror Threshhold series photographs digitally printed onto polished aluminum or mirrored plexiglass were wonders of luminosity and truly something new in photography

Trine Sondergard – created rooms of mystery and introspection in her photographs of doors and windows.


Claudio Bravo – As always, the work evidenced Bravo’s mastery of hyper-realism and his love of laughter.

Stephen Hannock – Although a well established artist, Hannock’s landscapes were unfamiliar but intriguing.

Bernard Jacobson:

William Tillyer – wonderful abstract watercolors

Gerald Peters Gallery

Brought pieces from their show which included Steve Cope and Gerta Gundersen. (See earlier review of that show).

Louis Stern Fine Arts:

Lorser Fertelson – his later, purely abstract work.


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