Review: Group Show at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

January 11, 2011

Sum by Tine Lundsfryd

Dark Island by Paul Resika

There’s nothing like being on top of things.  So last week I discovered that Lori Bookstein moved from W57 Street to 10th Ave. in Chelsea in October 2009.  Still, later is better than never, especially since Bookstein’s space is quite wonderful with expansive lengths of wall and high ceilings.

They’re currently doing a group show.  Overall, it was ho-hum (and I intensely dislike Bruce Gagnier’s grotesque sculptures) but there were two standout pieces:

Tine Lundsfryd’s Sum:  Tine Lundsfryd is very much an architectural abstract painter.  Working like the ancient Egyptian artists, she constructs a grid upon which she elaborates her concept.  In this case, it was whirling gears suspended for a moment in time.  This is a curious piece in that the online image is much more color intensive than the original.  I prefer the quiet colors of the painting which is contemplative while energizing.  A wonderful piece it is.

Paul Resika’s Dark Islan: Paul Resika is a native New Yorker but it’s obvious that he’s also lived in warmer climates. His work pulsates with hot color. You can feel the sun radiating and bouncing off his objects which have been distilled to simple forms. Something about his application of paint reminds me of Katia Buteau Zucker, or perhaps Zucker was influenced by Resika. Either way, this is a joyful painting from a master.

The show is running through Feb. 5.  For those who aren’t in New York, Lori Bookstein’s website is http://www.loribooksteinfineart.com.


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