January 4, 2011

I should be ashamed because the Affordable Art Fair was September 30 through October 3, 2010. But there were standouts, so even 3 months later, they have to be recognized.


Jacinto Moros at Galleria Estandarte from Spain presented the most wonderful red wooden laminate sculpture. This piece was a standout of laminated, bent and twisted form, with several layers of wood for a portion of the piece, separate thereafter and worked with bending and twisting magic on the remainder of the piece. This was singularly the most creative item at the entire show.

The gallery owner very kindly emailed me Moros’ catalog when she returned to Spain. Moros’ sculptures are astonishingly wonderful, joyous, exuberant pieces, large and small alike. He sculpts using metal, wood and formica with pieces ranging from extremely large to small enough to live in a New York City apartment.

I’m impressed that he also creates framable paper pieces that the gallery referred to as prints. More accurately, Moros creates a sculpture and then presses (most likely) thick wet paper sheets onto the sculpture, obtaining a dimensional image. Very clever but they don’t have the impact of his sculptures. Still, it’s an affordable way to own a Jacinto Moros, now one of my favorites!


Windham Fine Arts Gallery, run by Marie Christine Case, an artist herself although she doesn’t show her own work. The gallery is located in the Catskills ski area and has a definite focus on the natural world. That doesn’t mean that the gallery focuses on nature paintings; instead, the artists have to be inspired by nature. The showed superb abstracts, excellent landscapes and a few ultra-realistic pieces. The artists are regional, ranging in locale from New York City to the Catskills. All are extremely talented, showing first class work.


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